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List updated on: March 14th 2012


Sticker PIC Archaic North Archaic North Logo Sticker Archaic North Entertainment $1.50
Necklace PIC Behemoth Eagle-Sun Cross Pendant NA $21
Patch PIC Cradle Of Filth Black And White Logo Patch NA $9
Sticker PIC Strings Of Ares Temple To Mars cover Archaic North Entertainment $1.50
Sticker PIC Wolven Ancestry Silence of the Boreal cover Archaic North Entertainment $1.50


DVD Agalloch The Silence of Forgotten Landscapes Shiver Records $24
DVD Cannibal Corpse Monolith Of Death Tour 96/97 Metal Blade Records $24
DVD Dark Tranquillity Live Damage Century Media Records $24
DVD Death Live in L.A Nuclear Blast Records $24
DVD Death Metal Are We Watching You Die? (Documentary) Bill Zebub Productions $22
DVD Gorelord/Wurdulak Split Drunk, Damned, and Decayed Red Stream Records $22
DVD Graspop Metal Fest Beyond The Rockumentary Shiver Records $22
DVD Krisiun Live Armageddon Century Media Records $22
DVD Moonspell Lusitanian Metal Century Media Records $24
DVD Napalm Death Punishment In Capitals Peaceville Records $24
DVD Necrophagia Nightmare Scenarios Red Stream Records $22
DVD The Gathering In Motion Century Media Records $22
VHS Necrophagia Through The Eyes of the Dead Red Stream Records $18


CD Abaddon Incarnate Nadir STR Co. $15
CD Abitabyss Requiem Du Secteur Primaire Cryogenic Records $14
CD Abriosis Tattered And Bound Shit-Knife Records $14
CD Absurd Raubritter/Grimmage Volksmusik Darker Than Black Records $16
CD Aguynguerran Perverting The Nazarene Cult Shiver Records $15
CD Allguilty Primary Colour Solution Rupture Music $15
CD Animus Hallucinations: Ideals Ars Magna Recordings $16
CD APE Survival Of The Fittest Independent $14
CD Archaic Winter The Psychology Of Death Metalbolic Records
CD Artery Eruption/Mangled Atrocity Split Artery Eruption/Mangled Atrocity Sevared Records $16
CD Artisian Laments For The Eternal Frost Copro Records $15
CD Aquila Imperium CDN Records $15
CD Askival Eternity Darker Than Black Records $15
CD Assassinate The Following Massacere of the North CDN Records $14
CD Atrocity Contaminated EP Open Grave Records $14
CD Avsky Mass Destruction Humanitys Plague Records $15
CD Axamenta Ever-Arch-I-Tech-Ture Shiver Records $15
CD Axis of Advance Obey Red Stream Records $16
CD Battalion Winter Campaign Shiver Records $15
CD Battalion Welcome To The Warzone Shiver Records $15
CD Battlesoul Lay Down Thy Burdens CDN Records $15
CD Bethlehem Dark Metal Red Stream Records $16
CD Beyond Within Eternal Pestilence Abhore Records $14
CD Big Iron Falling Down Neoblast Records $12
CD Black Harvest White Light Came Down Oak Knoll Productions $15
CD Blastomycosis The Putrid Smell Within CDN Records $15
CD Blind Guardian A Night At The Opera Century Media Records $17
CD Blood of Christ A Dream To Remember CDN Records $16
CD Bloodshoteye Expect The Unexpected CDN Records $15
CD Borknagar The Olden Domain Century Media Records $17
CD Born Headless Headless Henchmen Life Fluid Productions
CD Bound And Gagged Fornicate The Gutted United Gutteral Records $16
CD Bowels Out Enlightenment Through Dismemberment CDN Records
CD Brief Respite Uneveness Prodisk Records $15
CD Bulletwolf Bulletwolf (demo) Lavelin Records $12
CD Castrum Phenomenonsense Bloodbucket Productions $16
CD Cemetery Detriment Image Sevared Records
CD Chaos Moon/Frostmoon Eclipse/Benighted In Sodom Beauty, Darkness, Chaos Split CD Ars Magna Recordings $15
CD Children of Bodom Hatebreeder Century Media Records $17
CD Christ Beheaded Open The Gates of Hell Abyss Records $15
CD Corprophemia Arrived In Pieces CDN Records $15
CD Cradle of Filth Thornography Roadrunner Records $16
CD Crimson Falls The True Face Of Human Nature Shiver Records $15
CD Cryptik Howling Them Cryogenic Records $15
CD Cryptopsy Whisper Supremacy Century Media Records $17
CD C.S.S.O Collection Obliteration Records $15
CD Cuntgrinder/Satans Revenge On Mankind/Hymen Holocaust 3 Way Penetration Split CDN Records $15
CD Dagorlad Herald Of Doom Shiver Records $16
CD Damnable Completely Devoted Cudgel Agency $13
CD Darkdayrising Underworld Dreams EP AVUT Records $12
CD Darkflight Perfectly Calm Ars Magna Recordings $16
CD Dawn of Azazel Sedition Ibex Moon Records $15 SOLD OUT
CD Days Of Betrayal Decapitated For Research Shiver Records $15
CD Dead By Dawn The Night To End All Days Pure And Simple
CD Dead Infection Corpses of the Universe Obliteration Records Records $15
CD Deamon Descend Dethrone CDN Records $15
CD Death Fate (Best of) Century Media Records $17
CD Debauchery Dead Scream Symphony Blood, Fire, Death Records $15
CD Deceased As The Weird Travel On Thrash Corner Records $16
CD Defile/Black Mass Defiling The Masses Grim Nocturnal Records $14
CD Defiled Divination Season of Mist $16
CD Descend Into Nothingness Darkened Reality Galy Records $15 SOLD OUT
CD Devastator Nuclear Proliferation Regimental Records $15
CD Diabolic Infinity Through Purification Olympic Recordings $16
CD Diabolical A Thousand Deaths Mercenary Musik $16
CD Diabolous The Three Mothers Baphomet Records $16
CD DieHard Evil Always Return Abyss Records $15
CD Dim Mak Intercepting Fist Olympic Recordings $16
CD Dischord Siege Of Darkness Diminished Fifth Records $15
CD Disgust The Horror Of It All Crimes Against Humanity Records $15
CD Disinter As We Burn Morbid Records $15
CD Dismata Understand Disastrous
CD Divine Empire Nostradamus Olympic Recordings $16
CD Dodheimsgard Supervillian Outcast Moonfog Productions $15
CD Drapsnatt I Denna Skog Frostscald Records $16
CD Eclipse Eternal The Essence of Hopelessness Archaic North Entertainment $15
CD Eminenz The Blackest Dimension Last Episode Records $15
CD Empyrean Plague Ancestral Embers Shall Burn Archaic North Entertainment $15
CD Empyrean Plague Imprint Evidence Destiny (digipak) Archaic North Entertainment $15
CD Epoch of Unlight The Continuum Hypothesis The End Records $16
CD Estuary The Craft of Contradiction Ibex Moon Records $15
CD Eternal Silence Between The Unseen Baphomet Records $15
CD Exodus Lessons in Violence (Best of) Century Media Records $17
CD Faust From Glory To Infinity Abyss Records $15
CD Feast Eternal Prisons of Flesh Open Grave Records $14
CD Finnr's Cane Wanderlust Frostscald Records $16
CD Fleshgrind The Seeds of Abysmal Torment Olympic Recordings $16
CD Foret D'Orient Essedvm Archaic North Entertainment $15
CD Frostmoon Eclipse Dead And Forever Gone ISO666 Records $16
CD Funerus Festering Earth Ibex Moon Records $15
CD Gardens of Gehenna Mortem Saluta Shiver Records $16
CD Gates of Winter Lux Aeterna Self Released $15 SOLD OUT
CD God Forbid Earthsblood Century Media Records $16 SOLD OUT
CD Godless North Fimbulvetr (Anthology) Darker Than Black Records $16
CD Goretrade Ritual of Flesh From Beyond Records $15
CD Grave Exhumed (Best Of) Century Media Records $16
CD Grief of Emerald Christian Termination Listenable Records $16
CD Grim Viril Mephisto Independent $14
CD Gut The Cumback Necroharmonic Records $16
CD Hallowmas The Road To Hallows Eve Coffin Records $15
CD Hallows Die World Of Ruin Independent $15
CD Hat The Demise of Mankind Abyss Records $16
CD Heaps Of Dead Deceased, Dismembered, And Left Decay CDN Records $15
CD Hell-Born Legacy of the Nephelium Ibex Moon Records $15
CD Hellacaust Inevitible Dementia Morbid Moon Records $15
CD Hellveto Prelude To Dying Black Plague Records $15
CD Holocausto Canibal Visceral Massacre Memorabilia Despise The Sun Records
CD Holy Shit B.S.E Fetish Coprological Trauma Gore And Blood Productions
CD Horde Of Worms Wormageddon Bloodbucket Productions $14
CD Horde Of Worms Dreams And Dying Eyes Bloodbucket Productions $14
CD Hordes of Nebulah And Blasphemous Night Shall Fall Abyss Records $15
CD Immersed In The Ire Of Creation Unique Leader Records $16
CD Impaled Death After Life Century Media Records $17
CD In Battle Soul Metamorphosis Nocturnal Art Productions $16
CD In Flames Colony Century Media Records $16
CD Incestuous Brass Knuckle Abortion United Gutteral Records $16
CD Kataplexia Insurrection CDN Records $15
CD Klor Klor (digipak) Ars Magna Recordings $15
CD Kozelinik Sigil Rust Humanitys Plague Records $15
CD Krisiun Black Force Domain Century Media Records $16
CD Krisiun Conquerors Of Armageddon Century Media Records $16
CD Lux Divina From The Tomb To Natures Blood Ars Magna Recordings $16
CD Maniac Fast And Deadly Bloodbucket Productions $15
CD Mars on Earth Mars on Earth (demo) Red Stream Records $12
CD Meatlocker Seven The Biological Mechanism Of Hate Independent
CD Miserys Omen Miserys Omen Bindrune Recordings $15
CD Moker Translating The Pain Shiver Records $15
CD Morningstar Finnish Metal Northern Sound Records $15 SOLD OUT
CD Mortify Preliminary Hearing EP CDN Records $11
CD Myrkvar Als Een Woeste Horde Shiver Records $15
CD Mystic Circle The Bloody Path of God Thrash Corner Records $16
CD Necrodemon Ice Fields of Hyperion Open Grave Records $15 SOLD OUT
CD Necronoclast The Plague Moribund Records $15 SOLD OUT
CD Necrophagia The Divine Art of Torture Red Stream Records $16 SOLD OUT
CD Necrophagia Holocausto De La Morte Red Stream/AreaDeath Records $16
CD Nefastus Dies Urban Cancer Deepsend Records $16 SOLD OUT
CD Nervo Chaos Quarrel In Hell Ibex Moon Records $15 SOLD OUT
CD Nightingale Alive Again The End Records $15
CD No Assembly Required The Great Tribulation Independent
CD Old Mans Child Born of the Flickering Century Media Records $17
CD Old Mans Child The Pagan Prosperity Century Media Records $17
CD Old Mans Child Ill Natured Spiritual Invasion Century Media Records $17 SOLD OUT
CD Oppressor Elements of Corrosion Olympic Recordings $16
CD Ordeal Atrocities Shiver Records $15
CD Paroxysm Scars Of The Art Prodisk Records $16
CD Pessimist Evolution Unto Evil Deathgasm Records $16
CD Possessed Victims of Death (Best of) Century Media Records $17 SOLD OUT
CD Profaner Signs Of Nine CDN Records $15
CD Putrescence Mangled, Hollowed Out and Vomit Filled No Escape Records $16
CD Putrid Inbred Scavenger Shiver Records $15
CD Ravenous Three On A Meathook Red Stream Records $16
CD Reckoning (The) Counterblast Shiver Records $15
CD Retch Ben Wa Baby Heads Unmatched Brutality Records $16 SOLD OUT
CD Ribspreader Rotten Rhythms and Rancid Rants Obliteration Records $16
CD Rotting The Forgotten CDN Records $15
CD Rotting Crushed Self Released $15 SOLD OUT
CD Sadist Sadist Beyond Productions $16 SOLD OUT
CD Sadist Above the Light Beyond Productions $16 SOLD OUT
CD Sator Marte Termonuklearni Evoluce Humanitys Plague Records $15
CD Sepsism Purulent Decomposition From Beyond Records $16 SOLD OUT
CD Serial Butcher Genocide Landscape Deepsend Records $16
CD Signs Of Darkness The Fall Of Amen Shiver Records $15
CD Spewgore Chipped Teeth and Broken Fingers Self Released $15
CD Splattered Cadaver Merciless Butchery United Gutteral Records $16
CD Strapping Young Lad City Century Media Records $17
CD Strings of Ares Temple To Mars Archaic North Entertainment $15
CD Svartpest Ved Den Drabelige Baphomet Records $16 SOLD OUT
CD Talamyus In These Days of Violence Prodisk Records $15
CD The Haunted Revolver Century Media Records $15
CD The Moors The Moors Forest of Fae $16
CD The Seventh Cursed Earth Wasteland Shiver Records $15
CD Thornafire Exacerbated Gnostic Manifestation Ibex Moon Records $15 SOLD OUT
CD Thurisaz Scent Of A Dream Shiver Records $16
CD Thurisaz Circadian Rhythm Shiver Records $16
CD Thy Flesh Consumed End of Blind Obedience CDN Records
CD Thy Flesh Consumed Pacified By Oceans Of Blood CDN Records
CD Thy Flesh Consumed Unrepentant Diminished Fifth Records $15
CD Time of Death The Last Breath of the Dying Bloodbucket Productions $12
CD Tjolgtjar Holnijimnjok Baphomet Records $15
CD Trist/Lonesummer Trist/Lonesummer Split Ars Magna Recordings $15
CD Tu Carne Me Quedo Con Tu Dolor Coyote Records $16
CD UIGG To Punish And Enslave Diminished Fifth Records $15
CD VA Buckets of Blood Volume 2 Bloodbucket Productions $11
CD VA Fire On The Brain Volume 2 Olympic Recordings $12
CD VA Firestarter: CM Black Metal Compilation Century Media Records $15
CD VA Sepulchural Feast - A Tribute To Sepultura Century Media Records $15
CD Valhom Despair Ars Magna Recordings $16
CD Velvet Cacoon P Aa Opal Poere Pr. 33 Starlight Temple Society $16
CD Verbal Deception Aurum Piraticus Aetus Scarab Procuctions $15
CD Vicious Circle The Art of Agony Neoblast Records $15
CD Viking Crown unorthodox Steps of Ritual Baphomet Records $16 SOLD OUT
CD Visions of the Night Nocturnal Militia Self Released $15
CD Warcall Demonarchy Panoptic Records $15
CD Waxen Fuma Roth Metalbolic Records
CD We Found The Body We Found The Body Diminished Fifth Records $14
CD We The Undersigned Bleed The Constants Diminished Fifth Records $15
CD Welkin The Origin Shiver Records $15
CD Wicked Angel The Remastered Collection 2009 CDN Records $15
CD Witchsmeller Pursuivant Manifest Of Evil Shiver Records $15
CD Withered Earth Into The Deepest Woods Olympic Recordings $16
CD Wolven Ancestry The Wrath of Gaia Archaic North Entertainment $15
CD Wolven Ancestry Silence of the Boreal Archaic North Entertainment $15
CD Woods Of Ypres In Pursuit Of The Sun.. Krakenhaus Productions $16 SOLD OUT
CD Woods Of Ypres Deepest Roots And Darkest Blues Krakenhaus Productions $16 SOLD OUT
CD Wretched Pain Congregation Wretched Pain Records $15
CD Wurdulak/Gorelord Split Creature Feature II Red Stream Records Records $16


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