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AngryArchaic North Entertainment was essentially founded in 2002, when Mark Howitt decided to book a local show in Sudbury, Ontario for the band Fleshcraft in which he was vocalist and lyricist. After doing a few more shows he decided to help other touring bands out by booking shows for them as well. It wasnt until 2004 that ANE was doing shows on a regular basis in Sudbury. Archaic North also founded the annual Sudbury Metal Feast event which has become a Northern Ontario tourist attraction since its conception. In 2005, the first tours were booked for Fleshcraft and many new contacts were made, however in 2005 Fleshcraft was put on hold due to personal problems and a new band was formed from its ashes in the form of Wolven Ancestry.

Since then, Wolven Ancestry has toured the US and Canada with more stops intended for the future. It was during this time that the birth of Archaic North Records began. With their main band and several side projects from Mark and Darren including Fractal Generator, Darkblood, Aastyra and Amaranth, it was decided that a record label was needed to bring the masses this Northern art. In August 2007, Archaic North Entertainment released its first album, Wolven Ancestry - The Wrath of Gaia. The album was praised in many nations as being a solid black metal effort and the band is releasing its follow up album in 2009. In 2008, a second band was signed to ANE in the form of Empyrean Plague. Quite possibly Ontarios longest running active black metal band, their debut ANE release "Ancestral Embers Shall Burn" shows the band using strong folk elements amidst their unique black metal sound. With both artists planning a mass scale attack for 2009, there is no doubt that the wrath of Archaic North is upon us.


AngryArchaic North Entertainment was originally intended to be strictly a booking agency, however with the birth of Wolven Ancestry, the decision to finally put the idea of incorporating a record label into the mix came to life. During this process, the label booked several tours of Canada and the US including The Annihilation From The North Tour (Wolven Ancestry, Nefastus Dies), Eastern Canadian Decimation Tour (Estuary, Goreaphobia, Lapidate), Bloodletting The East Tour (Incantation, Funerus, Deamon), and the final tour of 2008 being The Looming Cold of Autumn Tour (Woods of Ypres, Wolven Ancestry). More tours are in store for the future so keep checking in for updates.

2007-2008 also saw many local shows for Sudbury including Ensiferum, Rotting Christ, Kalmah, Sigh, Cryptopsy, Origin, Impaled Nazarene and many more. All the events were great and it seems like the Sudbury Metal scene is strong and well.

Another big event to happen to Archaic North in 2008 was the affiliation of Darrens studio Sardonic Moon Studios. His studio work has helped many bands achieve solid sounding albums and is also a strong point of the label. The second band to sign to ANE was Empyrean Plague, a black metal band from North Bay, Ontario. Their album "Ancestral Embers Shall Burn" was produced by Darren at his studio and the final product adds yet another strong release to the labels catalogue. For more samples on his studio work, please visit the Sardonic Moon link in the links section.


Empyrean PlagueWith 2009 in the history books, Archaic North Entertainment is hard at work preparing for future releases and reviewing demo materials by artists. There will be more artist signings as well as extensive tours from Wolven Ancestry and Empyrean Plague to support their latest releases.

2009 saw the 5th annual Sudbury Metal Feast event. Macabre and Beneath the Massacre headlined to a strong local bill, which showcased many up and coming local bands in the Sudbury area as well as other provincial greats. Weekly Saturday shows called Sudbury Metal Saturdays were booked throughout the later half of the year at the Asylum, the basement bar of the Serbian centre however after lack of attendance we decided to pull the plug on the operations and focus more on the record label.

2009 was a huge year for Archaic North, as it accomplished Worldwide distribution from Century Media for all of its releases, and 2010 will bring many more great metal releases from an ever growing label.


Strings of AresArchaic North announced the signing of durham-based STRINGS OF ARES in 2010, and saw the release of their debut for Archaic North entitled 'Temple To Mars'. A solid album which diversified the labels roster, expanding into the world of death metal. Wolven Ancestry and Empyrean Plague kept busy working on new albums which will see the light of day at some point in 2011 so keep your ears open for some new materials from both bands, as well as a Fractal Generator release (death-grind project of Wolven Ancestry members) and an Amaranth album (post rock-shoegaze black metal from Lord Defiler of Wolven Ancestry)


Foret D'OrientExpanding distribution was the goal for 2011, as well as expanding the roster as Archaic North titles have reached new distribution circles including local retail and mail order outlets, and the birth of the ArchaicNorthStore on Ebay which has been pumping metal merch all over the globe. ANE also expanded its digital sources of distribution through, itunes, amazon, bandcamp, Last.FM and several other sources.

The 6th annual Sudbury Metal Feast took place, seeing the return of Kalmah, and the long anticipated return of Necronomicon. Other notable performances and shows by Napalm Death and regular scheduled events at the Serbian Centre.

2011 also saw the first exclusive digital release in the form of the experimental Death/Grind/Black metal efforts of Fractal Generator, as the demo "Cannibalism Of Objects was released via Archaic North Entertainment. Also joining the roster in 2011 was the mighty Eclipse Eternal from Toronto, and Archaic North's first European band Foret D'Orient who made an incredible debut effort called "Essedvm". Other Northern Ontario comrades to join the roster with Wolven Ancestry and Empyrean Plague included Before The Black Gates and Sign of the Raven, due for a split demo out later in 2012 which was produced by Darren Favot at our partner studio, Sardonic Moon.

2012 will be a big year for the label, as new releases from Strings of Ares and Wolven Ancestry are on the horizon as well as several new prospects. Archaic North looks forward to many more years of activity furthering its reach on the world stage.


Eclipse Eternal2012 was an eventful year for Archaic North, as many new outlets of operations began such as merch manufacturing (mugs, stickers, patches etc) as well as continued promotion of the label through social sites and media. Several Archaic North artists were artistically featured in a film called "The Lesser Blessed" including an appearance of an Empyrean Plague song from the album 'Imprint Evidence Destiny'. The label also began new partnerships in respect to distribution and was actively busy getting merchandise to new locations.

Eclipse Eternal was quite busy in 2012, having released their debut on Archaic North Entertainment entitled "The Essence of Hopelessness", the album recieved great reviews and saw the band tour the United States and Western Canada for the first time in over a decade. The band toured with legendary atmospheric black metal band Negura Bunget, and label mates Wolven Ancestry toured the eastern region of Canada with Negura Bunget. Both bands did really well on this tour and the tour was an overall great success. 2013 brings several new opportunities to the table for many of the labels artists.

New artists also signed to Archaic North, both hailing from the labels homebase city of Sudbury, Ontario Canada. These bands were Before The Black Gates and Grim Mars. Both bands debut albums are expected to be released in late 2012. Before The Black Gates engaged their first touring experience in early 2012 when they shared the stage for some shows in eastern Canada with Israeli black metal band Eternal Decay. It was a great experience for the band to get out of their hometown to promote their brand of metal.

Archaic North also sponsored the first annual Winter Is Coming Festival in New England, USA which featured the talents of bands like Agalloch, Fen, Evoken and Archaic North's own Empyrean Plague and the event was a tribute to David Gold who tragically passed away at the end of 2011. A tribute album to the Woods of Ypres founder and frontman is due out in 2013 through Archaic North Entertainment, and several of the labels artists performed at tribute events to honor his legacy.


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